Brooke + Kevin | Old Silk Mill Wedding

Brooke and Kevin are both Captains in the United States Marine Corps and and their wedding day was a perfect marriage of hard and soft; just like them. It was a blend of rustic and chic, masculine and feminine, wood and glitter. The day was a mixture of tears and laughter. There were bittersweet moments and moments of celebration. It was a very special day and a very beautiful day for these two. You'll see what I mean :)

These bracelets were Brooke's something old and something borrowed. One was her aunt's bracelet and the other belonged to Kevin's mom who passed about a week before the ceremony. There were so many little tributes to her throughout their wedding day. It was really something so special! 

First look with Dad now the first look with her Groom. :)

Then they exchanged letters. This was SUCH a sweet moment!! 

This is truly one of my favorite images from Brooke and Kevin's wedding because of it's significance. Kevin just got finished dancing with his sister for the mother-son dance and emotions came over him in that moment as he thought about his mom. She was dearly missed, but her memory was present as they celebrated.

Kevin was a dancing machine!