What is your style? I would say my photographic style is more documentary where I am photographing moments as they happen. I won't strictly pose you, but I will give you direction and then I will photograph how you respond and react to me and to each other.

How many photographs do you deliver? I don't aim for a specific number, but rather focus on creating quality images that tell your story! Roughly, I deliver anywhere from 700-900 polished images for weddings and 50-70 for lifestyle sessions.

When will we receive our images? You will receive an online album of your images roughly 4-6 weeks after your wedding date and 2-3 weeks after your lifestyle session.

Do you work with a shot list? Not a written one. I have photographed enough weddings that I have created my own mental shot list. I believe that a strict shot list prohibits me from being creative and from capturing spontaneous, meaningful moments. I make my best work when we collaborate and you trust me to direct and create! A small list of must have photographs is welcome!

Can we print our own photos and post them online? Yes! As long as it's for personal use only (you cannot profit or sell them without my permission) and as long as you do not edit or manipulate them in any way - they are yours to use!

Do we need a second photographer? You do not need one, but I highly recommend it for your wedding day! A second photographer can add another perspective and allows me to focus on a specific moment without missing others.

Do you help me with my timeline for my wedding? Yes! I work with you to create a timeline that allows for enough photograph and relaxation time so you are not overwhelmed or rushed!

I see you are a graphic designer, do you design stationery? Yes! I also offer custom wedding stationery services as well as specific occasion cards and invitations for example, baby announcements or shower invitations. If you are interested please contact me for further information!

How can we book? All you need is a signed contract and a 50% retainer and YOU WILL BE BOOKED!