2019 INTERNSHIP/Mentorship!

I am hiring an intern again for the 2019 season!! Let's call this a "menternship" ;) Okay maybe that's a little cheesy, but this is more than just work - you also will get time for some one-on-one mentor sessions! My goal is to give you the opportunity to learn hands on as well as give you the time to dig deeper and ask questions in one-on-one meetings. For the hands on portion you will be either second shooting or assisting me on wedding days. Then at the one-on-one meetings I will teach you about running your own business, social media, editing and what I have learned about being in the industry! This will be a paid internship based on your experience and what equipment you have. You must be able to accommodate my 2019 wedding schedule and be able to make most of them. For that reason I am really looking for someone who has a desire and hunger to learn and soak in as much as you can! 

Applying for an internship was honestly the BEST thing I did for my own business. Because of that internship, I grew exponentially as a business owner and as a person. I started to understand what I was missing, what I could work on and how to move forward! It was inspiring and exactly what I needed! I continue to attend workshops because I believe we can always learn more and can benefit from new perspectives. With that being said, I am SO excited that it's my turn to pass on a similar opportunity! :) 

To apply you will need the following things: 

1. Own or have access to a DSLR camera, lenses and know how to shoot on the manual setting. It doesn't matter what brand, but I have a Canon in case you wanted to try out some of my lenses. Equipment is important because you will be paid for second shooting opportunities and I need you to be confident in how to use your gear! :) You must also be comfortable and willing to be a second photographer. This means hanging out with the some of the wedding party and directing them when necessary. You will be shooting alone sometimes!

2. Be available on weekends to second shoot or assist for most of the weddings that I have currently scheduled. This is where you will be paid for you work! More opportunities will come in as the year continues! 

3. You must have a creative eye! This seems obvious as a photographer, but as a second shooter you usually aren't capturing the "bigger picture". Most times you are not photographing straight on, but rather from an angle. You are capturing the details and emotional moments like the pretty doorknob or your someone holding grandma’s hand. You must be on your toes looking for these moments and looking for unique angles or details to supplement the bigger picture. This is what I will be looking for in your portfolio. It also helps to have a lens that allows you to get closer without physically being close.

4. You must be passionate about people, willing to learn, and motivated to work! You will be directly interacting with clients on wedding days so you must be excited about them and their story! They are the reason we do what we do! :) You are going to learn a lot so you must be willing and ready to soak in all that you can! 

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